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Brazee Street Studios, Cincinnati OH

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‘DUPLICATING DETAILS’, Multi-Part Mold Making and Lost-Wax Casting

WITH JOANNA MANOUSIS, Brazee Street Studios, Cincinnati OH

When an object is transformed into a wax state, you have the ability to alter its structure, duplicate its form, and conjoin it with contrasting elements to create unique assemblages. Taking advantage of the multi-part silicon mother mold process for creating detailed multiples in wax, we will re-appropriate readily identifiable objects into one-of-a-kind configurations in glass that probe the viewer to think and ask questions. A variety of applications for shaping and casting waxes will be introduced, along with an in-depth overview of the lost wax process for kiln casting. You will learn hand-built refractory mold construction and cold working techniques to aid visual access into the interior of your cast glass sculptures. Technical slide presentations and one-on-one conversation will enhance your artistic practice. 

Some glass working experience is preferred but not required; advanced students are also welcome.

June 17-22, 2019 / Monday - Saturday, 10am-6pm / 10 Students

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